Look See! said the Cyclops

  • 2013
[Four tragic-comic things I’d read on the Internet.]







When I imagine the blinded
Polyphemus (which I like to do)
stroking the backs of his sheep
leaving the cave to graze,
I see Odysseus and his men
as the monsters.

I have a ginger cat. I like to stroke
his fur along his spine. He (Owen)
doesn’t like it if I touch his tummy.
somewhere on Owen’s side, between
his back and belly, is a spot that I can
pat. Sometimes I get it wrong and
Owen swipes me with his claws
drawing blood which is much redder
than his ginger coat that moves less
toward red than yellow.

Between yellow & red there is a
spectrum of colours – notably orange.
And between yellow & blue there is a
spectrum of colours – notably green.
And somewhere, I imagine, between
orangish-yellows & greenish-yellows
is a yellow-yellow that stands up
straight – a yellow I can’t imagine.

June 1993. Manassas, Virginia, USA. A man wakes after half his penis has been cut-off by his wife, which she later threw into a field. They divorced two years later.

March 2001. Berlin, Germany. A man reads an advert asking for a “well-built man, 18–30, who would like to be eaten by me.” He answers the advertisement, a few days later he is slaughtered and eaten.

[A portrait of our blazing Sun.]

June 2011. Blagoveshchensk, Russia. A man buries himself believing it will bring him good luck. The next day he was found dead.

March 2012. Baragoan, India. A man discovers his wife cheating on him. He climbs into a tree and remains there demanding his wife apologises; refusing, she returns to her parent’s home. Christmas Day that year, the man is still in the tree.
[text from Look see! said the Cyclops.]

Owen & me
[Owen & me.]