Nothing Doing

  • 2013
[How my mornings begin at Wallen Road, Hawthorn. Melbourne.]







(or an idle eye or pulling the curtains back, only half way, parrot is still asleep in his blanket-covered-cage. Sun up, arch window a slice of lemon. St Anthony’s across the road: Oranges and lemons sing the bells. Srimalee says oranges in Sri Lanka are green: Greens and lemons sing the bells. ‘Malee’ comes from flower, ‘Sri’ means ‘blessed’. Blessedflower. St Anthony is holding baby J. and a bunch of lilies – all in white marble. Blessedflower liked the black lilies I bought her. I thought all lilies were white; black swan event for me. White marble hides the pigeon shit well.  Clever pigeons make a V shape and drop from the steeple to the roof. Clever. Ginger-boy, you fat-cat, remember you fell three stories, or did you jump? Must have bounced. Dead-cat-bounce – ugly phrase. You don’t leave the balcony anymore, clever fella.  Believe it’s best to stay inside. Parrot believes in passionfruit. I believed in J. over there (not with a passion). Blessedflower was raised a Buddhist. Still ushers mosquitoes out the backdoor. Mosquitoes, Mosque, agoraphobia, fruit. Fat-man’s head is as big as a big orange, and as round. No idea what he’s thinking. T. S. Eliot: the thought, of the thought, of the thought of his name. Before we changed little man’s name to Owen it was Christian. He does like to face St Anthony’s to catch the sun. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe/catch a ginger by the toe. Shouldn’t do that, doesn’t like it. You shouldn’t sleep in the sun, pink nose boy. Lacks melanin. Big pink nose I have. Hair growing out is black. Blessedflower must have lots of melanin. Don’t really get to see real black. Outer space is real black, sun-soaking lump is orange. Eluard: The world is blue as an orange/No error the words do not lie. (St Anthony’s bells are still, maybe a funeral later. Best wake the bird, wake him with a hymn:) Moorn-ning/Uoo-bee-ooo-tee-fool/gurr-eeen-boi/hwitt-ah/bar-narr-narr-barr-eek/oh-so/oh-rheenge.)

Oscar on my head. 2013
[Oscar & me.]